Today’s healthcare industry is facing a variety of complex challenges, from new regulations to increased pressure to deliver better patient care with fewer resources. The Information technology is playing a key role in helping healthcare providers meet these new demands. microleaf has worked with both private and public healthcare providers to create complete solutions. We are developed systems that include tools for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management, patient communication and appointment booking, as well as data warehousing.


In a highly competitive industry that requires you to carefully assess risks and potential, you need IT systems that support the business decision process quickly and efficiently. New regulatory compliance requirements also need to be implemented and new analytics enable better tracking of the performance and market behavior.

The microleaf works with a financial services clients to create solutions that meet higher requirements for the flexibility and scalability of enterprise system Management, while delivering quality customer service. We have experience in building systems for financial project management and loan/mortgage applications, as well as maintenance and development for financial software products and trading platforms.