Website Development

One of our biggest challenges whilst building and growing our digital agency was getting content developed with clients. This became such a challenge that on multiple occasions it nearly put me out of business. Clients would only cough up their remaining payments once websites were launched. Delays in content would mean that website launches were delayed which as well as just being a frustrating cycle, was a cashflow nightmare. After a few near misses, I found an approach that helped keep my projects on schedule, and my sanity intact.

As web design technology improves, organizations continue to streamline their operations and shift more and more complex business process functionality to the Internet. A company's website design is no longer just a marketing vehicle, but an integral component in how they do online web business. At microleaf Software, the Web Development Company, we thrive on technology challenges, building complex, secure, user-friendly, dynamic database driven, web & Internet solutions for a wide variety corporate & companies, both large and small.

Supreme Technologies has an impressive track record in delivering very high quality standards at highly competitive rates, in strict accordance to project deadlines.We create lasting positive change by optimizing the process, people and technology skills required for development organizations to meet their most critical challenges. Our main focus is the design and production of business Web sites with emphasis on usability and content organization.

We have a skilled set of developers to work on LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) & WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) platform to build custom & dynamic websites. Our team is experienced in implementing & customizing the world leading CMS (Content Management System) & Web Blogging software such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, b2evalution, Magento etc.