Offshore Development Center

An Offshore Development Center is generally engages for developing, testing and deploying software applications offshore.This is your dedicated team sitting at an offshore facility. The ODC is appropriate with mundane tasks or the tasks for very well defined and you are unable to locate talent locally - on a budget. The ODC is most cost-effective than Outsourcing a Project.

Microleaf ODC is one of those places where you get expert and professional IT resources to help you grow your business, get quality development services and well-equipped infrastructural facilities at the most affordable prices. We make you free from the worries of an incorporation procedure, legal fees, payroll, legal compliance, long-term office leases, security, etc., and provide you full control over intellectual property without enormous investments.

The customers advantage with an ODC model is that they can truly operate this team as a natural extension of their own and gain more visibility and control over costs. It also means that establishing a process and discussion for extracting more value is now possible. Due to the nature of how an ODC works and the commitment of the core team, there is typically more flexibility in how the team works, how it introduces new methodologies and approaches and how it can be setup to take on a stronger focus on business value vs. just working software.

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) by microleaf technologies is made up of a dedicated team of managers and developers who have been trained by microleaf to complement the customer's skill set. This customized team works exclusively on behalf of the customer in a secure environment. The infrastructure and security can be designed to meet the customer's specific standards and specifications, and may include co-branding. Offshore Development Center is the best solution if you are involved in ongoing development, maintenance, or support projects. It works as an extension of your in-house team, it accumulates knowledge, and it knows how to rapidly implement it for your needs.

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