S2 Baggage Locker

Baggage Locker is a Smart Self-Service baggage locker system controlled electronically. This is specially designed for the customers belonging to store safely and taking it out while they leave. It generates a secure Barcode based receipt as a token. So, this makes the customer to self-service their baggage storage which makes them feel free for their comfort shopping. Merchants are looking to add value to their sales strategy to pilot the concept of baggage locker. This S2 Baggage Locker enables the merchants to securely store customer baggage and pickup it as a self-service to their customers.

The locker is designed for Shopping malls, Hyper Market, Multiplex, Theme parks, Public Library, Swimming pools, Hospitals, Gym and more. The S2 Baggage Locker offers a choice of Size, Color, Activation mode and Payment modes to suit diverse venues.

1. The instructions for use are displayed on the screen in English.

2. User are prompted by messages on the screen and by audible sounds.

Activation mode is - Bar-code based token.

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Environmental protection coating, the surface is smooth, color and luster is beautiful

Strong and durable
Rust free

Simple and easy to use

Inside the operation panel is simple and easy to use, uses the micro controller, the operation is

  • GLCD Screen
  • 2D barcode scanner
  • 70 mm receipt printer
  • Auto-release door locks
Product Dimensions
Types Height(mm) Width Depth
Barcode locker with 12-door 1800 850 460
Barcode locker with 24-door 1800 1700 460
Barcode locker with 36-door 1800 2550 460

  • Number of Lockers can be customized
  • Different size and color of choice
  • Different dimensions and styles available
  • Field Service Options:
  • Phone support to support retail hours
  • Site survey, preparation, and installation services
  • On-site field service
  • Preventative maintenance